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Al Badia Cement was established in 2006 in Syria, as a joint shareholding company, by a group of investors at an investment cost amounted to U.S. $ 400 million US dollars.


The first production line with an annual capacity of 1.6 million tons of Portland cement was completed, with the possibility of future expansion for the second phase, to achieve the total capacity of the plant at 3.2 million ton/year after the completion of the second production line.


The plant which began production in early 2011, was established by an international contracting company specialized in cement factories establishment. The key equipment were imported supplied from prominent European companies, to ensure the highest levels of product quality and savings in energy use and conservation of the environment and in accordance with local and international standards.


The Company adopts policies to ensure the highest standards of occupational safety and emission control, and work on reducing the environmental impact along with the commitment to provide jobs, training and qualification to highly qualified and skilled national staff.


Limestone Quarry

Basalt Storage

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