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Unexim Group was created and registered in Beirut in 2003 as a research and development firm providing consultancy services to AL ZAIM family.

UG has grown to become an independent, active and professional company specialized in steering committees and providing successful management back up for investors and JV.

Al-Zaim Company started working in Grain trading in the 1930s lead by its late founder Haji Saad al-Din al-Zaim. 

The Company’s activity was in parallel with the grain trade activity in Syria at that stage in which Agriculture was the basis of the Syrian economy and 75% of the population worked on it.

The company was created by its late founder Saad al-Din al-Zaim and his sons in 1939 in Hama, was ranked among the top exporter of grain in Syria. He was also appointed as the President of the Syrian Grain Exporters' Union between (1956-1959).

Syria /Lebanon

United Grain

Syrian Saudi for Olives Products

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