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ALZAIM HOLDING, in a step to diversify its investment portfolio, has started investing in the Saudi Arabia stock market in 1992 up till today, and expanded to other Arab countries.


On 2005 it actively participated in establishing 2 financial institutions Bank Audi Syria (in corporation with Bank Audi Group Lebanon) and Pioneers Syria as first brokerage firm (with Pioneer Holding Cairo and Al-Muhaidib Group Saudi Arabia), the 2 companies were considered as one of the most important and active Syrian financial institution.

  • Audi bank Syria

Is a private commercial reputable bank which played a major role in the economy of Syria and was rated the best performance in 2008 - 2010

Mr.Mohammad Saeed Al-Zaim was the founder a board member in Audi Bank Syria.


  • Pioneer Syria

Is a brokerage and private equity licensed and registered firm member of Damascus Stock Exchange and financial advisory firm that participated in the capital raising of Albadia Cement and several Syrian banks. Mr.Mohammad Saeed Al-Zaim is the founder and the Vice Chairman.

Finance & Banking Services

Audi Bank

Pioneer Syria

Souria Holding

Operating Harbor-Latakia Containers

Finance Center Damascus

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